Persian Rugs India

Persian Rugs India

We are export the Persian rug in India and other country also. we are the manufacturer and exporter of textile and handloom products. Persian rugs available on all varities like: size, color, design. their are many varieties in rugs like as shaggy rugs, persian rugs, etc. Rudraaksh International is one of the largest exporter in persian rugs in india. all type of textile and handloom products are exports in India by the Rudraaksh International. we are export the textile products in USA, China, India or many other country also. Rudraaksh International is deals in all type of rugs. Rugs is the largest manufacturing and selling products in India. Persian Rugs is the best textile and handloom products of home, office, kitchen, bathroom and other place. Rudraaksh International Exporter of Bathmats and Bathrugs, Carpets, Cushions Cover, Throws, Poufs.

We are expert in following Textile and Handloom products:

  • Rugs
  • Carpets
  • Bath Rugs and Bath Mats
  • Throws
  • Cushions and Cushion Covers
  • Kilms and Dhurries
  • Handicraft Products

All Products under best quality and with best price. For other textile and handloom products so contact us now: